Extreme Homes Group is a unique real estate company based in Brooklyn, New York, and offers many locations that can be suited to anyone’s lifestyle, needs, and personality. With listings in Bed Stuy, Bushwick, and East Flatbush, among many others, Extreme Homes Groups’s primary purpose is to help new home buyers achieve their American dream of being a home owner. As Representative Rick Renzi once said, “home ownership is the cornerstone of a strong community”. They also do rentals and short sales as well, allowing to try before you buy, or use for a simple couple month stay in the area.
By working one on one with people through the whole process, Extreme Homes Group smooths out the many bumps on the road to home ownership, making it an experience of growth and realization, rather than one of dread and frustration. Using their years of real estate knowledge and connections, they help navigate newer home buyers through the the tangle web of fees, laws, remodeling, and banks, allowing the buyer to get what they want without worrying about how to get it. By using their expertise in the ever-changing New York home market-place, they are the ones to turn to for help and guidance without losing money or sleep.
All houses sold by Extreme Homes Group are completely renovated, including gleaming hardwood floors, granite countertop kitchens with modern appliances, and all new electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work. Each home is thoroughly inspected and updated to the most recent standards and trends, allowing for the new home owner to customize and fit their needs and wants, whatever they may be.
By working close with contractors, sellers, banks, lawyers, and the city, Extreme Homes Group is able to ensure the highest quality and standards for their homes. With many first-time home buyers defaulting on their home loans within the first few years, Extreme Homes Group works to avoid this common mistake, making a first-time home owner continue to own and upgrade their house for many years beyond their original loan. With real estate prices going up or down, they help to make home values continue to be worth more than their original purchase price, giving many people a spring-board to owning two, three, as many homes as they want in the future, using their first home as equity.
With so many options on the marketplace today, many first-time home owners can feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of agents, real estate companies, and owner-financed properties. By choosing Extreme Homes Group, first-time buyers are given numerous options, ranging from price to location to size. Whatever their needs may be, they can expect them to met and exceeded simply by using Extreme Homes Group’s ever-expanding portfolio of homes and options and helpful agents.
Feel free to call and inquire about current listings and opportunities to buy today! Agents are waiting to help new home owners achieve their dreams and begin their new lives in New York! Within this bustling and expansive city is a real estate company that cares and understands what new home owners need and want!

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